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We audit your online marketing and provide solutions.

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Success is so dependent on hitting those big milestones you've established for your business. One of those milestones is finding someone to help you!

This is an individual review for your business so you can pinpoint solutions and tactics.

On this call, topics can include:

  • Shopify Digital Marketing – landing pages, optimization, integrations
  • Organic social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Paid advertising on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and TikTok platforms
  • SMS and Email Marketing

How it works:

  1. APPLY and choose a time for an introduction. You will get a questionnaire about your goals. 
  2. POWER AUDIT: I’ll deep dive into your analytics and audit your marketing and website. We record our findings and establish where things are working well and what improvements you need to drive results. You’ll get a full report that builds the path to your goals, and the next steps for your online marketing.
  3. MARKETING CONSULTATION: Then we schedule our call to answer your questions. This is a one-on-one Zoom meeting based on the information we’ve discovered and your goals.

Apply by filling out the form below.

Power Audit plus 45-minute Marketing Consultation: $757


  1. What is the time frame for this process?
    • Apply and schedule your introduction call. From there, you will onboard with your goals and business information. Once onboarding is done, I will look at your online marketing. Within 4 business days, you will get an email to schedule your consultation call. Estimate about 10 days for us to work together from start to finish.
  2. Will I need to provide my social media credentials to you?
    • Yes, and only for the duration of this process. Please secure your accounts using 2-factor authentication.
  3. Do you change anything on our accounts while you audit?
    • No, I am looking at what you have in place so you can improve and find opportunities for growth. No changes or posting will occur.

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