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Even if you’ve never posted a TikTok, this is for you!

I haven't told everyone this:

We’ve been very selective with who we work with for TikTok ads. We’ve been using TikTok ads and testing. I’m excited to say… IT’S TIME!!!

Our clients successes recently include traffic ads converting at wayyyy less than one dollar, and more reach than Meta can offer at the same investment, AND establishing TikTok Ads as a viable sales channel.
It’s still in blue ocean season because not everyone has adopted this platform… YET. We’ve got a great framework for physical products or those looking for leads. 
If you currently have video assets… are willing to try some clever new video creatives… and have minimum $20 – $60 per day for ad spend… then I would love to talk!
Our rates for done-for-you TikTok ads are never going to be this low again: $1027 / month + your investment in ad spend.

You can get on my calendar–I'd love to hear your thoughts!

If it’s not the right time yet… I encourage you to visit TikTok’s Info Page on setting up a business account and installing a TikTok pixel. (We also do this for clients).

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